Resident Evil 2 “1-shot demo”: thoughts

It’s been several hours, hell I’ve even been to my day job and back. I still can’t stop thinking about RE2.

The Resident Evil series isn’t one I’ve touched before. It’s mix of survival horror and puzzle solving it’s a series I haven’t been interested playing at all. Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of scary games; usually opting to hide in anything and not move for quite some time. This demo was exactly what I needed to determine if I’d play the full version.

The one shot demo, unless you’re willing to make multiple accounts only lets you play for 30 mins at a time; then locks you out. I would’ve loved to just run around as Leon for a few hours, seeing everything and really getting a feel for the world. Knowing I only had 30 mins, I went nuts using the ammo I had; no point in saving it for a more dire situation.

The demo definitely served its purpose! I’m so keen to get my hands on this game, kill some zombies and learn more about Leon Kennedy.

Detroit Become Human: Thoughts

TLDR: This piece is long and contains spoilers; so if you haven’t played and want to please don’t read. I loved the game so much it actually hurt.

Was Detroit become human really worth the migraine? Yes it really was. When I say migraine I do mean literally, That tends to happen when I cry a lot; and boy did I cry. Detroit Become Human has so many possibilities for endings, both happy and just horrible. Overall I absolutely loved this story, being shown 3 different sides to the androids and the humans. As the story continued I couldn’t help but fall in love with these characters and I had to see everything I possibly could. I played through the same fragment of story over and over again just to make sure I’d seen and was happy with my final outcome.

I love a good choice based game as much as the next; Detroit is a very large game and definitely worth investigating as many choices as you can. So many different decisions, even small choices found their way into the very late story. Quantic Dream really did think of everything and delivered on an experience that I just can’t stop thinking about.

The overall story follows 3 androids as they traverse the world, Kara, Markus and Conner. The world is decided and the androids become deviant; full of life and just want to be free. They’re their own people and want humans to recognise this. How you play determines if this happens peacefully or through violence. Play your cards wrong and the character you fall in love with, can all die, thus no revolution and things stay the same. Playing through the story was an absolute roller coaster of emotions. Despite being androids I felt everything for them, fear, sadness even mad at times. Ultimately I played everyone peacefully and generally used the nice options; I never have the heart to play as the bad guy. I’m going to go into each characters story-line’s, the paths I chose. With so many choices and endings, everyone else’s stories and experiences will differ.

Let’s talk about Connor. The first character you’re introduced with and my favourite of the 3. All the main cast are fantastic and I shouldn’t play favourites however he just has that effect on people. I played him through all the way to deviant as I already knew I would. I couldn’t bring myself to choose the cold and sometimes hostile options. I really enjoyed the detective side of connor’s story. I spent a lot of times combing through crimes scenes to make sure I didn’t miss anything; I feared missing out on unlocking dialogue options and paths.

Connor’s relationships with others were few and far between. Hank being his detective partner; I knew I wanted to gain his trust immediately. The path with Hank seemed clear enough and I was his friend right up until the end. Unfortunately I clicked the wrong button. While in the basement of the cyber life building I clicked what I thought was the button to save Hank, Boy was I wrong and the tears began to flow. Knowing my accidental decision cost him his life was heartbreaking; Connor didn’t help the situation.

Connor and they way he interacted with the world was so incredible. Working for the humans to catch the criminal deviants, along the way learning what it meant to be human and ultimately becoming deviant himself. This was a choice I knew I’d make eventually.

Kara, while not integral to the revolution is a crucial segment of the story. She’s an android who belongs to Todd, an abusive man who takes his anger out on his daughter; Alice. Kara’s main mission through the game is to seek a new life with Alice; a mother daughter bond is eventually formed. A big part of this game is androids waking up and developing real human emotions, not just imitating them. Kara’s devotion and love towards Alice only grew stronger as I played through and I was so afraid that Detroit would take it all away from me.

The android world is one we’ve seen done so many times through media. We’re no stranger to what could be and Detroit is no different. They have android adults and even android animals; android children shouldn’t be so unexpected. This thought crossed my mind at the beginning of the game and I just left it way in the back. The reveal of Alice being one of them isn’t much of a shock given the world they live in. Despite it being an obvious answer, it’s not one I even stopped to think about or even considered. Everything about her character is so genuine, her fear and sadness and even the love Alice has for Kara is so pure. As the player I never noticed what she was despite the clues being there; she is by all means a human being. The amount of thought and time that went into designing and performing these characters really payed off and really drove home the narrative.

In the end however I made the wrong choices and found myself in the recycling centre. The game gave me the option to abandon Alice and escape but I just couldn’t do it. In the end I got Kara killed to save Alice’s life. So many tears at this point. Detroit Become Human does an amazing job at sinking you into this world. I loved Kara but the love she felt for Alice, she’d gladly die over and over again if it meant she’d be safe. I’m not a parent but playing this game made me feel like I was.

Lastly we come to Markus, the leader of Jericho. Markus’ journey through the game is the most consequential and will be the story that decides the fate of the androids. After being deemed a deviant for defending himself Markus goes on the path to find Jericho; a safe haven for androids who’ve turned deviant. Not long after finding the people of Jericho does Markus seek to revolt for his people’s freedom. The choices you make really are important and determine the fate of the world you live.

The choices I made we’re a no brainer. I din’t have to think about which path I’d go down, I wanted to do it peacefully. Markus’ companions throughout his mission will all like different things. North; who I disliked a surprising amount, just wanted to charge in and attack. Playing things out that way made no sense to me, an eye for an eye and the world turns blind. Androids are more intelligent than humans, and by revolting peacefully it would stay that way. Harming humans would make the androids no better. The peaceful route is what won in the end. Markus was willing to die for his cause and when confronted with the choice to self sacrifice, I as the player made that choice too. I really felt what Markus was feeling and despite how much I loved him I just wanted to see the androids free no matter the cost. Thankfully Markus’ story line is the only one I din’t manage to get someone killed.

Overall I absolutely loved this game. I binged it in two days I just didn’t want it to end. Even my partner who I doesn’t play video games kept going on about how fantastic it was. The story and writing is just brilliant, the time Quantic Dream spent on this project really paid off. After finishing the game I went back and replayed many story lines so I could see everything, get some answers. I watched countless videos to fill in the gap because despite the hours I put into Detroit there are so many sequences I didn’t play at all. Detroit Become Human is a game I wont be forgetting ever and if I played it last year, would’ve been my game of the year hands down. It was well worth the migraine.

Person 5 Dancing in Starlight: Review

TLDR: If you like Persona 5 or rhythm games then definitely check it out. This review is spoiler free.

So I’m going to start the year of right, by reviewing a game from late last year! Persona 5 Dancing in starlight was a game I had planned to put off despite my love for it’s base game Persona 5. However it seems I was going to play it after all, I came home and there it was sitting on top of my PS4; put there by my thoughtful partner. He knows how much I love Persona 5 and that I was getting back into rhythm games. This was a delightful way to end my awful work day. Dancing in starlight had already been preloaded and all I had to do was play. cut to several hours later I had already unlocked all the tracks and was gushing over just how good these remix’s were.

Dancing in Starlight have used a variety of tracks from across the game, from main theme songs to the boss battle themes; dancing in starlight has them all. The remix’s have bought a fun and new wave to these songs (they were already good to begin with though) and I had fun hitting those notes even when I got to tired and missed a few.

This isn’t the first game in the Persona Dancing nor main serious; however P5 is my own personal first for both so I can’t compare Dancing in starlight to any others. I can say though is that you can enjoy P5 Dancing in starlight without needing to know passed games or even the main game so go nuts. The notes were easy to learn especially when you skip the tutorials like I’m sure most of us do. The difficulty range does differ greatly and you will need some practise if you wanted to tackle the hardest modes.

These amazing soundtracks are of course accompanied by just as amazing visuals. With the main cast being able to dance with just thinking; as they are all dreaming at this point. The game is set within a re envisioned Velvet room that sees all the Phantom Thieves swept within. They are to dance within a competition to find out who has the better guests, Caroline or Justine. Each song has a main dancer who can’t be changed; only their appearance. Backup dancers can be chosen however certain song only allow for certain backups as well. Costumes and accessories add to the experience by enhancing the visual aspect and gives the player something else to unlock along the way. Some of the outfits have been taken from the main games in the series while a lot are new and fun. Dancing in Starlight is just as visually stunning as it is to listen to.

The music video aspect of this game is by far one of the best parts of the game. We get to see our favourite characters dancing in the outfit of our choice and is just such a delight to watch. Some songs however are preset and feel very much like fan service; If you’re a fan of Persona 5 this isn’t something you’ll mind at all.

This game isn’t all song and dance. It offers you different challenges for each of the cast involved. As you unlock new challenges for different people, you are rewarded with cut-scenes which help to further progress the story or the characters themselves. This really helps to add small things to the world of Persona 5 and Phantom Thieves you’ve come to know and love. playing through these story snippets you also unlock additional bonuses such as clothing items or modifiers to make the song easier or harder.

Overall this game is a fun rhythm experience that can be picked up and played by anyone. For fans of the series it just adds to the world and characters you already love in a familiar way. This game has a bit of something for just about everyone and should definitely be considered.

2018 Game of the year!

Disclaimer: This end of year review may contain spoilers for various games!

Hello all, it’s that time of year where you’ll see an abundance of game of the year reviews. Spoiler alert, I’ve got another one for you. It has been an absolutely amazing year for video games; we’ve had remasters, reboots, sequels, brand new stories and some incredible indies. 2018 has been magical and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. I’m going to call it now and say that Kingdom hearts 3 is going to be majority of peoples 2019 GOTY, chances are mine as well.

I’ve played an absurd amount of games this year, consisting of both new and older games. I didn’t play everything that was released but I certainly did try. I have a habit of at least trying a game before I decide I don’t like it; even if it’s a title I wouldn’t normally pick up. One of my favourite games from this year is in a genre I almost completely dislike; I was surprised to say the least.

So without ranting on for who knows how long; I’m going to actually talk about my top games from this year, in no particular order except my overall game of the year.

The station is the first game I want to talk about. It released in late February and it was recommended to me by the steam algorithm. Much like a lot of other games set in space, The Station sees you navigating an empty space station to try and piece together what exactly happened. You do this by listening to audio logs and whatnot just like most games in general. Overall it’s story is what had me hooked; aliens had come aboard the ship and killed the crew, pretty straight forward stuff.

*Spoiler warning* Except not so straight forward. You start to fall for these characters, they become entities you connect with and not just random stories thrown in for fluffs sake. The angle that really threw me off and really made this game stand out to me was that final plot twist. The stations crew had mentioned aliens several times throughout the story and it’s heartbreaking to know that the civilisation they wanted to connect with peacefully; killed them. With all the talk about aliens, you don’t realise that there was no mention about the crew you learn about being human at all.

After finishing The station, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. This game really made me think about how easy it was to jump to a conclusion and stick with it; not even realising I didn’t have all the information.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is next. Being released not long after E3 as a small teaser, I put it in the back of my mind. I haven’t really played any of the Life is Strange entries (I’ll get there one day haha) so for me Captain Spirit wasn’t something I was desperate to play.

The game is not overly long, my play through about an hour and a half. The small world was charming and the more I learnt about Chris the more attached I got. I wanted to know everything this snippet had to offer. The game talks about the death of Chris’s mother and how he and his father are coping. Chris’s dad is not coping so well. The game alludes to his father being an abusive alcoholic who blames Chris for his mothers death. Captain Spirit is Chris’s way of dealing with things, his alter ego to escape the real world. He pretends he has super powers and his evil nemesis who shares a name with the location his mother passed on.

Overall this game felt small yet so large. Captain Spirit made me feel so many emotions, more than some of the overly big games we’ve seen this year. The game concludes and we’re told that Chris is going to appear in the next season of Life is Strange. I still haven’t played any of them but The Adventures of Captain Spirit definitely made me want to; thus serving it’s purpose haha.

So this next entry is really a no brainer. If you know me in real life, you know I love Spider-Man. I don’t feel like I need to explain why this game is so good; most of you have probably played it and agree. If not then you really should play it already.

Spider-Man was an excellent game all around; I spent so many real world hours just swinging about because it was just that fun. The combat was really smooth and easy to pick up; while a bit repetitive towards the end I never felt bored or uninterested. It was an absolute delight to just swing about gathering collectables and doing side mission. This game was so much fun and I’m excited to not be lazy one day and play that DLC.

The only part of the game that really lacked for me was the story. It was just okay! Very cliche and straight forward; The inclusion to let you play as Mary Jane and Miles was definitely welcomed however. What really stuck with me story wise was just how good a person Peter Parker really is. Being a hero it should come as no surprise but the way he left me feeling was. Spider-Man had me wanting to be a better person in real life; helping those who needed it and reminded me that everyone is human with their own struggles. I work retail and it’s a hard thing to remember sometime but this game really has left a very long lasting impression on the way I see the world.

Hitman 2 is the only game on my list that I really didn’t see coming at all. Stealth based games are something that I like to avoid at all costs. There are many reasons I don’t like stealth in games but I’m not here to be negative so I’m not about to dive into that. I decided to play Hitman 2 purely because of how big and beloved the series is; It came as a major shock to learn that that I’d actually enjoy myself.

Again I don’t really like being stealthy but the Hitman serious just does it so well. I found myself wanting to replay entire missions just to see other ways I could kill my targets. I wanted to be stealthy and really take my time doing so. I still don’t know how this game made me enjoy it but it did. I haven’t finished Hitman 2 yet but I know I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.

Just the fact that I was taken way out of my comfort zone and actually enjoyed myself within a genre I normally avoid is why I will always recommend this game to anyone; even if they don’t ask haha.

And so with that brings me to my last entry; my top game of the year for 2018. I wanted to avoid following the masses but there’s a reason everyone else picked this game too, it’s just so good. My top game is God of War!

Even if you haven’t played any God of War games (I haven’t yet) you should definitely play this one. You don’t need to know any of the other games, this making it really easy to just jump right in. I had no intentions of playing this game, it wasn’t until it was officially crowned GOTY that I decided to pick it up.

From the get go you’re thrown into the story that surrounds Kratos and Arteus. You’re on a perilous journey to scatter the ashes of Arteus’ mother. Along the way you encounter many threats and obstacles which only strengthens Arteus as a warrior and Kratos’ love for the boy. Every point of this story is so captivating and special. The character building being the strongest point; the father and son duo continued to grow stronger together and apart. I went from not knowing a thing about them to being so proud of this journey they embarked on. Even the seemingly bad guy Boulder was a character you couldn’t help but feel for.

The story was backed up by incredible combat and world building that had me wanting to come back for more. I needed to keep playing and got rather sad once it was over. My household was so entertained by my ramblings about the games for days later. The previous games in the God of War series are vastly different from what I’ve been told however I still feel a need to go and play them I’m now that attached to Kratos. This game deserved all the praise it got in 2018 and I couldn’t have picked a better GOTY.

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